Congratulations! You have a website, now what? Having a website won't guarantee that you will attract visitors to it. One of the most important things to remember with having a website is: for the people that don't know you or your business name, how will they find you? In general, most people that are searching the internet are looking for services, information or products. Are you within the search parameters to be found if the people searching don't know your name? Search Engine Marketing and SEO come into play here.

     Think of your last online search for a service, did you have a particular company in mind and just type in the name or did you search the service type? I bet you searched the service type so that you could see all of the businesses within that field of expertise. You are not alone in this, more than 70% of online searches are generalized so that the people searching get the maximum results from their search efforts. Make sure you are doing everything you can to be at the top of the search listings, the higher you are, the more likely you are to get business from it.

     With a general search, the first two pages are what most people will look at for business services or products. Keep this in mind when thinking about how to draw potential customers to your site. You want to be on those first two pages to gain the most opportunity for new customers or clients. After all, that is why you wanted an online presence in the first place right?

     Zenogram has an expert team that specializes in Search Engine Marketing and SEO for optimal results for your new website. With a comprehensive plan that will be a cornerstone in boosting your site to the top of the search fields for your business. Ask us what we can do to help you get where you need to be for the best results possible.