Testing And Launch

Testing a website before launch is a must, you never want to launch a website before this step is completed. Grammar and punctuation need to be checked; we make sure all navigation portals are working, and verify that all buttons and forms are functioning properly. We never want a potential customer to click on a buy now button or a shopping cart button and have it fail to work; you would lose money and probably the potential customer as well. Our team goes through your site with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that we have everything perfect so that your site is working at peak performance for launch day and beyond.
Before we launch the site the rest of your invoice is due, once we have closed the invoice we will launch your website! Be aware that once the site is launched, there is a lull time of about 24 hours while the server reads and promotes your site on the internet. During this time there is no access to the site so don’t panic if you cannot access it for a while, it’s just in launch stage! Once this time frame is over your site will be accessible to everyone on the internet, this is the best part, now everyone can go to your website! Congratulations!

Testing And Launching for Zenogram Web Design
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