Our kick-off meeting ensures our web design process gets started with the proper mindset. This interaction is to ensure we can communicate all plans of action. We host your phone or video call and explore overall objectives and review how the process will flow. We get down to the nitty-gritty and start planning. Before this meeting, we will have sent you an agenda with an agreed upon schedule to keep our time together as productive as possible.
Once this session is concluded, you will have a clearly defined list of content needs and generalized plans. After we have received the required material, we will send you your project milestones and estimated launch date.

Kick-off Meeting with Zenogram


Assets for your website consist of photos, charts, text, images, graphics, testimonials or anything else you want to present on your site. Creating, collecting and organizing your site’s assets is vital to the site building process. Having this type of information allows your website to deliver knowledge and experience what you want your audience to know. Our content specialist is brought on to aid with copywriting, collection and organization of information, as well as content input or rewrite when needed.


The design of any website is a vital part of the process; this is the digital face of your company. We take your assets, sketches, sitemap, and questionnaire answers and turn our team loose! You will have multiple design schemes to review so that you can choose the one that you feel best represents your company. Your input will help guide the process, and this is the phase that is the most exciting to be ready and have a little fun with it!

Design by Zenogram
Programming by Zenogram


Once all design layouts are approved, we will begin the programming for your site and implement the functionality for it; the photo gallery, shopping cart, blog, menu, etc.

During this phase, you will receive a private link; this will allow you to watch it all come together. Remember once this stage has begun no significant changes can be made to the design. We are now close to the Testing and Launch stage!

Testing and Launch

 Testing a website before launch is a must, you never want to launch a website before this step is completed. Grammar and punctuation need to be checked; we make sure all navigation portals are working, and verify that all buttons and forms are functioning correctly. We never want a potential customer to click on a buy now button or a shopping cart button and have it fail to work; you would lose money and probably the potential customer as well. Our team goes through your site with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that we have everything perfect so that your site is working at peak performance for launch day and beyond.

Testing and Launch by Zenogram

Before we launch the site the rest of your invoice is due, once we have closed the invoice we will launch your website! Be aware that once the site is launched, there is a lull time of about 24 hours while the server reads and promotes your site on the internet. During this time there is no access to the site so don’t panic if you cannot access it for a while, it’s just in launch stage!

Once this time frame is over your site will be accessible to everyone on the internet, this is the best part, now everyone can go to your website! Congratulations!